Thursday, January 3, 2008


When I first started down the beading path, twenty-some odd years ago... There weren't that many books published on the subject. My resources were often reduced to hunting down old broken pieces in my mom's, grand mom's and aunts' jewelries, and if I couldn't find any broken ones, well, let's just say I figured out how to 'redo' a lot of pieces on my own...

I first learned how to bead on an old black wire loom with wooden spindles. You know the type, they still make them, you can get one for $6 at Walmart. Very simple, quite effective. Remember, some of the greatest artifacts available today were created across a bent bow.

Most of the pieces I made are long gone by now; some given as friendship gifts, others as presents... I did find one I'd made 17 years ago though. I should photograph is to share it with you. I've kept so many pieces over the years, and every so often, I like to go through them all, feeling them, examining them, and seeing their evolution.

Well, anyway, as I was saying, when I started, there weren't that many places you could go to learn new techniques, stitches, or patterns. It was usually passed down by a family member, friend, or teacher. It wasn't until I discovered the internet that my bead knowledge increased. There had been a few magazines and books I'd found, but nothing like what I could find on the 'Net. I couldn't believe the resources I was discovering.

And so, since I've learned so much through the internet, I thought it would be fun to return the favor. I'm starting this blog in the hopes of sharing my knowledge with all of you. I would like this to be a place where beaders can come and learn something new, or maybe just a new twist on something old.

I'll try to keep up on updates as much as I can, life permitting.

You'll be able to find any new tutorials below this intro, and I'll try and keep up with tags too. That way, you'll be able to search either by technique, or item.


Pat de Verre said...

Salut Julie,
jolie idée que de faire un nouveau blog avec tous les tutos pour partager ton savoir.
2008 bisous pour cette nouvelle année.

Jewels said...

Salut Pat.
Merci de visiter le nouveau blog.

Je te les renvois tes 2008 bisous, et je le redoubles! LOL! ;)